The next BadoeMart auction will consist of a first part of important books and a second part of drawings and prints. Below we will present some lots that deserve special attention…

ALDROVANDI, Ulisse. Opera Omnia. Bologna 1599-1668; Frankfurt, 1610

13 volumes. Folio, 365×240 mm; Binding beginning of the eighteenth century, full brown leather, titles and ornaments in spines gilt. ). Engraved Title-pages with allegorical borders to each volume, engraved full-page portrait of Aldrovandi in 4 volumes and several thousand woodcut illustrations in text, mostly after designs by J. Ligozzi and many full-page. To the title pages, the signature of an ancient owner, not legible, and stamp of the ‘Bibliotheque économique’ of Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie du Saillant. Excellent state of conservation. Work composed as follows:

1. Ornithologiae hoc est de avibus historiae libri XII, Bologna, Giovanni Battista Bellagamba a spese di Francesco de Franceschi, 1599, pp. (20, including engraved Title page and portrait), 893 [recte 883], (57).

2. Tomus alter, qui est de avibus, Frankfurt, Wolffgang Richter [-Caspar Rotelius], 1610, pp. (6, including engraved Title page), 2 blank, 373, (15). Text on two columns.

Bound with: Tomus tertius et vltimus, in quo aues acquaticae maiores minoresque describuntur, Frankfurt, Wolffgang Richter [-Caspar Rotelius], 1635, pp. (8, including engraved Title page), 155, [11), 4 blank. Text on two columns.

3. Ornithologiae tomus tertius. Bologna, G.B. Bellagamba, 1603, pp. (12, including engraved Title page and portrait), 560, (24).

4. De animalibus insectis libri septem, Bologna, G.B. Bellagamba, 1602, pp. (12, including engraved Title page and portrait), 767, (45).

5. De reliquis animalibus exanguibus libri quatuor, Bologna, G.B. Bellagamba, 1606, in fine 1605, pp. (8, including engraved Title page and portrait), 593 [i.e. 595], (29).

6. De piscibus libri V, Bologna, G.B. Bellagamba, 1613, in fine 1612, pp. (8, including engraved Title page), 372 [i.e. 732], (28).

7. De quadrupedibus solidipedibus, Bologna, Vittorio Benacci, 1616, pp. (8, including engraved Title page), 495, (33).

8. Quadrupedum omnium bisulcorum historia, Bologna, Sebastiano Bonomi, 1621, pp. (12, including engraved Title page), 1040, (12).

9. De quadrupedibus digitatis viviparis libri tres, et de quadrupedibus digitatis oviparis libri duo, Bologna, Niccolò Tebaldini, 1637, pp. (8, including engraved Title page), 718 [i.e. 716], (16).

10. Serpentum, et draconum historiae libri duo, Bologna, Clemente Ferroni, 1640, in fine 1639, pp. (12, including engraved Title page), 427, (31), 2 blank.

11. Monstrorum historia cum Paralipomenis historiae omnium animalium, Bologna, N. Tebaldini, 1642, pp. (8, including engraved Title page), 748, (28), pp. 159, (7), 2 blank.

12. Musaeum metallicum in libros IIII distributum, Bologna, Giovanni Battista Ferroni, 1648, pp. (6, including engraved Title page), 2 blank, 979, (13).

13. Dendrologiae naturalis scilicet arborum historiae libri duo, Bologna, G.B. Ferroni, 1668, in fine 1667, pp. (12, including engraved Title page), 660, (52).

Very rare complete illustrated work. This set of Aldrovandi’s published works comprises first editions of all but the second volume of Ornithologia. This massive encyclopaedia, most volumes published posthumously, was based on natural history specimens and drawings in Aldrovandi’s own museum in Bologna, one of the most spectacular curiosity cabinets with over 7000 specimens. DSB: “Truly prodigious studies in natural history”. Most of the published volumes concern zoology (birds, quadrupeds, reptiles, insects, molluscs, crustaceans, fish and cetaceans). The Musaeum metallicum describes the minerals, the fossils, the crystals, the shells and the ethnographic findings collected over the years by the Aldrovandi. The Monstrorum historia is a great treatise on teratology in which, alongside imaginary monsters, human, animal and plant monstrosities are illustrated. The last volume, Dendrologia, edited by Ovidio Montalbani, is instead the only one dedicated to botany and is based on the large herbarium in several volumes put together by the Aldrovandi. Many of the illustrations in these 13 volumes are the work of Jacopo Ligozzi. The original drawings are still in Bologna and have been made available online. The Aldrovandi herbarium was the biggest of the 16th century herbaria and gives the most complete picture of the plant world as known at the time in Italy.

The work consists of eleven books: the first, dedicated to birds, is divided into three parts that make up the first three volumes. In this copy the second volume second volume of Ornithologia is the second edition published in Frankfurt and contains the second part, edited in 1610 and also the third part, edited in 1635. The third part is then present twice, in the second and third volumes.

Specimen belonging to the agronomist, philanthropist and collector Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie du Saillant (1759-1849), member of the Société centrale d’agriculture, which places the stamp of his ‘Bibliotèque économique’ on the title pages.

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For Aldrovandi’s museum: Findlen, Possessing nature, pp. 17-31; Stafleu & Cowan, pp. 28-29.


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